Little SIS audit log, tooltip, school tags, and active filter improvements, August 10, 2023

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This release has several user interface changes. Each is explained below.

  • Updated 8/28/23, Reset the designated admin notification added to the main page
    • Previously, if a designated admin needed reset, that notification was only visible at
      Administration > Settings
      Users could not perform bulk actions and could not determine the cause.
    • With this release, if a designated admin needs reset, that notification appears as a pop up on the main page after login, Settings page, and Classroom Explorer.
  • Audit Log users filter by email
    Administration > Audit Logs > [expand filter panel} > Users
    • Previously the Users filter in the Audit logs filter panel filtered by user name. With this update the Users filter now filters by user email.
    • See Work with Audit Logs
  • Update School or Timeframe tags updates
    Explorer > [right click over class] > Update School or Timeframe tags
    • Update School or Timeframe tags tool tip.
    • Edit/View teachers for Teaching & Learning for relevant academic year.
      Admin > Schools > [Right click academic year]
      • The Edit/view teachers for Teaching & Learning [year] option on the right click menu of the Schools page was not working. The functionality has been restored. When you right click over any of the academic year columns, this option appears on the right click menu.
        When clicked, Edit School opens with that academic year pre selected.
      • See Create schools and apply school tags to classes
  • Active filter indicators added
    • User Accounts, User Roles, and Classroom membership pages now show the active filter at the bottom left of the page.
      Insights > Roster/Teacher Changes
      Administration > Users > Accounts
      Administration > Users > Roles




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