Little SIS for Classroom, Explorer columns and schools teacher group updates, Aug 28, 2023

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  • Explorer columns menu format changes
    Explorer ~ Columns
    • The list of columns in the Columns pane is reordered to match the order of columns in the grid.

      Reminder: If you reorder columns in the grid by drag-and-drop, the column order will not match.

    • Previously, some column names in the Columns pane were highlighted. The highlight no longer appears on any column name.
    • See Hiding/Showing columns in the Classroom Explorer
  • Schools tags, teacher Google group clarification
    Administration > Schools > Add school/ rt-click Edit school
    • When adding or editing a school, and tagging classes and teachers via a teacher Google Group, it was not clear that the email for the Google group is what needed entered. To clarify, the tip in the field is updated to: Sync [year-year] with a Google Group (please provide email).

      Reminder: Synching the teacher list with a Google group is only available for the current academic year.

    • See Create schools and apply school tags to classes

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