Gopher for Chrome/Gopher Buddy improvements, Sept, 11, 2023

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Gopher for Chrome

  • Previously Gopher for Chrome allowed for 5 million cells.

  • A notable change has been introduced regarding the arrangement of telemetry data, when including device telemetry data within the Gopher for Chrome Add-on.

    • Previously, Telemetry columns were positioned at the end of the sheet. With this release, the telemetry columns have relocated to be after the Hardware Details column group but before the Calculated Values column group. 

    • See Load devices overview
  • Previously, when loading from a list of asset IDs, the IDs were re-ordered to numeric order if the asset ID’s where numeric. With this release, the order of list of asset ID’s will be respected in terms of the order in which devices are imported into the spreadsheet.  
    Gopher for Chrome > Launch sidebar > Load devices from… > List of IDs
  • Previously, when loading from a list of asset IDs and with Exact Match toggled ON, was not working properly. In this release, the issue is fixed, asset ID search with Exact match will work properly.
    Gopher for Chrome > Launch sidebar > Load devices from… > List of IDs

  • Loading via Device Cache would not complete when Gopher Buddy data was included. This issue fixed issues around column formatting and loading Gopher Buddy data when loading from the Device Cache.
    Gopher for Chrome > Launch sidebar > Load devices from… > Device Cache ~ Included data collected from the Gopher Buddy extension
  • Single User report, user is not found message
    Extensions > Gopher for Chrome > Launch Sidebar > Reports > Single User

    • When running the User Activity Report and the user was not found, the report completed but did not indicate the user was not found.

    • The following message appears when a user is not found, A user with the email [email@domain] was not found. SingleUserReportNotFoundarrow.png

    • See Run a user activity report
  • Improved performance and robustness for the Loading devices to Google sheets from customer’s device cache.
    Gopher for Chrome > Launch sidebar > Load devices from… > Device Cache

Gopher Buddy

  • Users navigating to the Gopher Buddy login page were redirected to the Gopher for Chrome login page. This has been corrected. Users can navigate to without being redirected.

  • Added ability to change the device status from the web app, Basic info tab.
    Gopher for Chrome > Utilities > Access Web App > Device search > [search and view device] > Basic Info ~ Edit device icon

    • Device current status appears at the top of the popup.

    • If the device's current status is Active, the field drop-down lets you change the status to Disable or Deprovision.

    • When Deprovisioning a device, select a deprovision reason and click OK. DeviceStatusChange2.png

    • Click Proceed at the prompt to agree to the change. DeviceStatusChange3.png

    • See Editing device information in the Web app

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