Gopher for Chrome/Web app improvements, Oct, 2, 2023

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Gopher for Chrome

  • This update addresses a bug where errors occur during device retrieval using the update from CSV option. When the serial number contained URI characters, the error message would either not display the serial number or encode special characters in the error message, preventing the display of the original string. With this fix, the error messages correctly reflect the original unencoded string containing the error.
  • When using the Update from CSV option, if the headers were in all caps, the data did not load, causing an undefined error. This behavior is corrected; devices now load when headers are in all caps.

Gopher for Chrome Web app

  • If a user attempted to log into Gopher for Chrome web application without previously accessing the Gopher for Chrome add-on, they could not log in and did not receive instructions on how to successfully log in. This release the following message has been added to instruct these users:

    Unable to access Gopher for Chrome
    Before you can access this site, a super admin from your domain needs to enable the device cache feature in the companion Google Sheet add-on.

  • If a user opened the device info tab from the Gopher for Chrome web application before a device was checked in and made it through dataflow, the device info pages showed blank fields. This release adds the following message at the top of the page: Device has not been checked in yet, please try again later.

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