Little SIS Premium, left Navigation Lock and Guardian Sync messaging, October 10, 2023

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  • The location of the left navigation pane lock (3 line/hamburger) button has been moved to be consistent with Little SIS for Classroom. Previously the lock button was to the right of Home when hovering. It is now located to the right of the 9-square/waffle button. Functionality is still the same, hover over the navigation pane to show the lock and click it to lock the menu in place. Click again to unlock the navigation pane.
    Little SIS Premium > [hover over left pane] > 3 line/hamburger
  • When a guardian invitation was resent and the reason listed Withdraw existing invitation and resend, the history log only displayed withdrew invitation sent to and did not display information for the resend. With this release when guardian invitations are resent via Withdraw existing invitation and resend both the withdraw and the resend show in the history log.
    Guardians > Explorer

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