Adding Delegated Managers to Groups in Your Domain

Once the initialization is complete, you can begin delegating groups on your domain. We recommend you only assign one delegated manager per group initially, as this will help prevent confusion as users add/remove users using the Sheets Add-on. If there are two or more delegated managers per group, there is a greater possibility of multiple Sheets being out of sync and pushing updates simultaneously.

  1. In Google Sheets, open a sheet.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Group Gator > Manage groups
  3. Click the Delegate groups tab.
  4. Using the field in the upper right, search and select a group on your domain that you would like to delegate. 
  5. Click Delegate.
  6. Next, you can choose someone to delegate management to the group. Begin typing in either the individual's name or email address. If the individual is located on the domain, their name and email address will appear, along with an avatar.
  7. The Send notification to new managers is selected by default. When checked, new managers receive a notification.
  8. If you are sending notifications, enter a Custom notification.
  9. Click Apply. The main dashboard page opens. Here, you can manage group delegations, delegate to another group, and look up group details.
  10. Click on the pencil icon to access the admin panel, where you can view and add/remove members or owners.

Delegated Manager Notification Email

If you have opted to send a delegated manager notification, they will receive an email with your custom message. The email contains information about their newly assigned delegation powers and explains how to launch the Group Gator Add-on from Google Sheets.

The email includes frequently asked questions and a complete user guide.


Resend Manager Notification Email

From the Group Delegation Panel, click the envelope icon at the right of a delegated manager. Group Gator sends the email to the manager.


Remove Delegated Manager

From the Group Delegation Panel, click the minus icon at the right of a delegated manager. Group Gator sends the email to the manager.




Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 4/10/2024 Updated for 0.8.3 release, screenshots and added resend and remove sections, verified


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