How to create an event from a Google Form submission

1. There are two ways in which a user can create a calendar event via a Google Form.

  • Open a blank Google Form. Give the form a name, and include an event title and an event date under the QUESTIONS tab.

In the Event Title section, the default dropdown is “Multiple choice.” Change it to “Short answer.” Create another question; it’s recommended to label it Event Date. Change the default dropdown to “Date.” 


  • Once the the event title and date have been created in the form, click on the settings cog wheel in the top right corner to see who will be able to respond to the form.
    • Once the settings are configured to the user’s satisfaction, click SAVE. The user is now set to send the form to the recipients.
    • Click SEND in the upper right corner of the screen to email the event form to recipients. The option to include the form in the email is included.
  • Once the email has been sent, the user can check the responses by selecting the RESPONSES tab in the Google Form. Clicking on the spreadsheet icon will open up a spreadsheet where the user will be able to see all the responses to the form in real-time.

2. A Google Form can also be created via the Google Sheet.

  • Open a spreadsheet, create column headers and set parameters. Next, click on the top Tool menu, select Create a form.
    • Event-o-Matic also can be installed on an existing form if one that collects the necessary information to create events exists.