How to schedule a job

Once a job has been created, Local Hero gives you the capability to schedule it to run at hourly or daily intervals at a specific time of day.

Provide a title for the job you are creating that will help you understand its purpose in the future. You can save the job at this point and finish. Scheduling a sync is not necessary; however, you have the option to do that as well.

You also have the option to run the sync automatically.

Check the box beside “Do you want this job to run automatically?” and you will be asked to answer two questions:

    • What time do you want this upload to run? You can choose either a specific time of day or every hour, and
    • What days of the week do you want this upload to run? You can select every day or choose a specific day(s).

Select save job and you will be redirected to the job list where you can view all existing jobs.