Local Hero first steps

After your first launch, you will be prompted to provide a unique alias for your device. This will help identify your device as a source of your created jobs.


Once you’ve given your device an alias, you can task Local Hero with creating jobs.

  • The first screen you see is ‘Your Job List’. This is where you will be able to see details of all the sync jobs that you create. Follow the instructions on the screen to define and add a job.


At any given time, you’ll find three navigation buttons located at the top right of the app.

  • Clicking on the plus button (left) will take you to the screen where you can input a new sync job.
  • Clicking on the button with three lines (middle) will access the jobs list.
    • If there haven’t been any jobs created, then there will be none listed.
  • Clicking on the question mark (right) button not only explains the purpose of Local Hero, but more importantly, tells you the name of your device and the user that is currently logged in to the device.