How to view existing scheduled jobs

To see existing scheduled jobs, click on the list icon in the upper right corner of the navigation header. From that screen, you can view the name of the job, the CSV and Sheet files, and the scheduled syncs, along with the past and next sync. The green button simply shows your device is online.


  • Running the job conducts a sync immediately. A message will appear letting you know if the upload was successful.
  • The Pause Job (toggle) switch will preserve your automation settings but prevent it from running.

To make edits to the existing job, click on the three small buttons to the right of the green button. You are given three options: edit the job, delete the job, and trigger the job.

  • Editing the job will take you to the scheduling step; however, you are able to access any previous step of the process.
  • Deleting the job will remove it from Local Hero completely. There is no way to recover a deleted job. To confirm deletion, enter the job’s name in the space provided and click confirm.
  • Cloning the job will create a copy of it, handy if you're making lots of similar jobs that use the same data source and/or mappings.