Include/Exclude and Show/Hide Device Data Columns

Google Sheets currently has a maximum capacity of 10 million cells and Gopher for Chrome Premium can include as many as 44 data columns in the Devices tab. This means you are theoretically limited to loading no more than around 45,000 devices if all columns are included.  Large Google spreadsheets can also be quite sluggish, depending on your local resources. 

The Set Visible Columns tab in Gopher for Chrome allows you to limit which column groups to include/exclude as well as to limit individual columns. This means you have the power to work around some of these Sheets size performance limitations. 

Note: Including/excluding column groups is only available for Optional Columns. You can hide individual columns for a column grouping in the Required Columns section. 

Including/Excluding Column Groups

  1. In the sidebar, click Set Visible Columns.
  2. For Optional Columns, toggle the column group to include or exclude.
  3. Click Apply.

Showing/Hiding Individual Columns

Showing and hiding individual columns can also be helpful as you focus on a specific search or bulk update task. Hidden columns are simply collapsed, not removed from the sheet, so they can be restored at any time.

  1. In the sidebar, click Set Visible Columns.
  2. Click Expand at the left of a Required or Optional column group.
  3. Click on the visibility icon for a column to exclude it, click again to include it.
  4. Click Apply.

Note: Freezing columns and rows can also be accomplished by clicking and dragging the gray frozen column separator in the native Sheets UI.

Full Column List

Required Columns

  • Hardware Details
    • Device ID
    • Serial Number
  • Enable Device Properties
    • Org Unit Path
    • Annotated User
    • Annotated Location
    • Annotated Asset ID
    • Notes

Optional Columns

  • Gopher Buddy Session Data
    • User
    • Start
    • Duration (min)
    • Private IP
    • Public IP
    • Device OS Version
  • Hardware Details
    • Model
    • Auto Update Expiration
    • Mac Address
    • Ethernet Mac Address
    • Mobile Equipment Identifier
    • Order Number
  • Calculated Values
    • Number of major Chrome versions behind
    • Latest stable Chrome Version for model
    • Most Recent User is Annotated User
    • Most Recent User
    • Active Dates in Last 15 Days
    • Active Minutes in Last 15 Days
  • Reported Activity
    • Last Sync
    • Last Known IP
    • Last Known WAN IP
    • Last Enrollment Time
    • Recent Users
    • Recent Sessions
  • Hardware State
    • Status
    • Major Chrome Version
    • Chrome Version
    • Platform Version
    • Firmware Version
    • Boot Mode
    • eTag
    • Support End Date
    • Support Auto Renew
  • Trusted Platform Module
    • Family
    • TPM Firmware Version
    • Manufacturer
    • Specification Level
    • TPM Model
    • Vendor-Specific Information


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