Running a user activity report

Sometimes you may want to see all the devices that a domain user has recently accessed.  This may be valuable for forensic purposes, where device damage or malicious network behavior may need to be traced to a particular user.
User activity reports can only be run on domain users, and will only be relevant when Chrome device settings allow local data to be preserved.

Note:  Because user activity reports must be tabulated across all Chrome devices on your domain, this report can take a long time to run.  Do not close the sidebar while it is running or you will interrupt the job.



Sample user activity report:

A user activity report is a snapshot in time that provides all devices on which the user has session information stored in the Chrome management console.  Because user logins are ordered, but not associated with timestamps in Google’s available data, Recentness of Use is used to represent how recently the user was logged onto the device.  A 1 means that the user was the most recent user to log into the device.