Release Notes and Known Issues

Chrome Gopher is "software as a service" and any updates are applied immediately to all customers upon release.  Typically, no update actions are required of end users.

Known Issues

Currently the reporting cache is size-limited to roughly 50,000 devices.  Beyond this size, it will fail to complete due to Drive write quotas imposed by Google, making domain and user reports inaccessible.  We are actively pursuing an alternative that should allow us to improve the situation.  As a workaround, we recommend using Spreadsheet formulas to build your own reports from a full device import.


Date Version Notes / Changes
9/5/16 1.1.1 Reporting tabs like "OS Version by OU" spawned and populated on every import.
10/14/16 1.1.2

Added import by CSV and import from Scanner methods.

Add "Quick find and update" UI panel for single device lookup and edit.

Added "OU Activity" report.

10/20/16 1.1.3

Added reporting cache functionality to make domain and user reporting more performant at scale.

Domain-level reports like "OS Version by OU" are no longer spawned on import.  Domain reports can now be generated a la carte from reporting section.

10/25/16 1.1.3a (bugfix)

Following reports of cache failure for large (>15K device) deployments, refactored to reduce cache file size to accommodate up to 50K device deployment.

10/27/16 1.1.4

Improved CSV import data validation and handling for duplicate serial numbers.

10/29/16 1.1.5 Added Model / EOL and Model / EOL by OU reports
10/20/16 1.1.6 Implemented improved error reporting features to enable faster troubleshooting and turnaround time bugfixes.
10/29/16 1.1.7 Revised interface to use the terminology of "Load to sheet" instead of "Import" to improve user understanding.  Validation on scanner input field to prevent duplicate SNs / Asset IDs from being loaded.  Improved error handling for attempted "Update" of devices missing device ID value.