Frequently Asked Teacher Review Questions

Q: If we are using Gradebook sync, if a teacher merges their 1st and 2nd-semester classes, wouldn't that confuse the synching of the grades?

A: They couldn't do that; Gradebook would sync to either the semester 1 or semester 2 class, but not both. Gradebook wants a 1:1 relationship. They would have to have a semester 1 and semester 2 class that they could still link so that Little SIS is rostering it, but they couldn't merge those.

Q: If a teacher makes a mistake, such as not merging classes, during the initial provisioning, can their classes be reset?

A: In Teacher Review, you can remove the alias from a class so that Little SIS doesn't see it as an existing class and pushes it back out for teachers.

Q: If I create classes using teacher review initially, can I keep rosters up to date with a straight provision job later?

A: Yes, you can start with Teacher Review, giving teachers time to accept their classes, and then, at a specific date, you can change to provision. This method offers teachers a window to match, merge, and link classes, but if they are not actioning those and you switch to provision, it will create those classes for them to either accept or decline.

Note: You cannot go backward or switch from provisioning to Teacher Review because those classes already exist.


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