LSC User Export and Notification Email List, Jan 19, 2024

This release adds the ability to export users from User Accounts and to create a Notification email list in Settings.

Export Users in Little SIS

Administration > Users > Accounts ~ Export Users

We're excited to announce a new feature in Little SIS. Now, you can easily export a comprehensive list of all Little SIS users, including their roles and school access. This enhancement comes as a response to your requests for a streamlined process to clean up user data before the new academic year. This new feature empowers you to filter and sort the sheet as needed, making it easier than ever to manage and organize your Little SIS users efficiently.

  • To export users, go to User Accounts and click the Export Users button at the top left.
  • Once complete, a popup appears with a link to the exported users sheet. The sheet includes essential information such as Name, Email, Role, Classroom Visibility, Classes, Suspended?, and Last Access.
  • You can also open the export from your Gmail (an email is sent with each export), Audit Log Details, or from Google Sheets.

See Export Users.

Designated Admin Authorization Notification Email List

Administration > Settings ~ Notification email list

Previously, when there was an invalid or failed authorization for the designated admin, a notification was sent to the email saved in the Settings > Designated admin field. This release adds a Notification email list to Settings, letting you list additional people who receive notifications when there is a configuration issue.

  • In the Notification email list block, enter the necessary email addresses in the Emails field, separated by commas,  and click Save.
  • Little SIS sends notifications to emails listed in the Designated admin field and the Notification email list. Only the Designated admin receives notifications if the Notification email list is blank.

See Creating a Notification Email List


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