Little SIS, Suspended Teacher Identifiers and Bulk Actions and Notification Email Updates, Mar 7, 2024

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The latest release of Little SIS for Classroom, focusing on email notifications and identification of suspended teachers, includes these changes:

Quickly identify suspended teachers in Classroom Explorer and View Class details

Enhanced Classroom Explorer: With the latest update, we've included indicators highlighting suspended primary and co-teachers. This feature empowers you to stay informed about your team's status and take appropriate actions when necessary.

  • Your first indicator is an Explorer column called Teacher Suspended, which is Hidden by default. To Show it, you must make the Teacher Suspended column visible by checking the Teacher Suspended checkbox.
    See, Hiding/Showing Columns in the Classroom Explorer
  • Once enabled in Classroom Explorer, you can filter by Y or N in that column to surface any class where a Primary or Co-Teacher is suspended. Also, note that any suspended account has italicized email with a red dotted underline.

Detailed Class Insights: Within the Class Detail section, you'll find clear indicators denoting the suspension status of primary and co-teachers with the italicized font with a red dotted underline. This visibility ensures you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, allowing for smoother classroom management.

See, Identifying Suspended Teachers

See, View Class Details, Announcements, Roster, and Coursework

Bulk Archive classes for suspended primary teachers

You can archive classes for suspended teachers from the Bulk Actions menu.

Bulk Actions > Suspended primary teachers > Archive classesSuspendArchiveClassesMenu.gif
A stepper guides you through the process of finding classes taught by suspended teachers, selecting classes to archive, and notification emails to primary teachers.

See, Archiving Classes for Suspended Primary Teachers

Designated admin authorization notification email improvements

Our January 19, 2024, release added the Notification email list to the Settings page. This release adds the Notification email list for the Getting Started stepper and lets users opt out of notification emails. In addition, the content of the emails is more specific.

Reminder: The notification email list lets you list additional people who receive email notifications when there is a configuration issue.

Here’s what changed:

  • Email notifications now appears as step 3 in the Getting Started stepper.
  • The Disable email notifications checkbox lets you opt out of notification email. This field also appears with the Email Notifications list block in Administration > Settings.GetStartedStep3EmailNotifArrow.png
  • The content of the emails now includes clear language about the authorization issue to help you isolate and address the authorization. We've tailored the text of the email to the authorization error impacting you.


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