Appointment Schedules Replacing Appointment Slots: July 18, 2024, Action Needed

Users can only have one feature enabled at a time: Appointment schedules or Appointment slots. If you are currently using Appointment schedules, you can disregard this notice.

Overview of the Change

Google Workspace admins, take note: Starting July 18, 2024, Google will be replacing the Appointment Slots feature with Appointment Schedules within Google Calendar. This change aims to enhance scheduling capabilities and improve user experience. If users currently use Appointment Slots, they will begin to notice banners starting March 20, signaling the impending transition. 

This change is significant as it is taking effect during the summer hiatus. Admins must communicate this change to users before the end of the spring term.

This from Google: 

Until July 17, 2024, you can still create, book, and delete appointment slots. Starting July 18, 2024, you can no longer use or book appointment slots. To allow others to schedule appointments on your calendar, you can use appointment schedules.

Reference: Use Google Calendar appointment slots

Starting on July 18, 2024, users of Appointment Slots will no longer be able to access Slots. The only option available will be Appointment schedule. Existing appointment slots will be removed from users' calendars and will not be converted to an appointment schedule. Users must manually create Appointment schedules.


Understanding Appointment Slots and Schedules

Appointment Slots: This feature allowed you to set up a block of appointments on your calendar that others could reserve. You could schedule appointment slots on any calendar you owned or had delegated access to.

Appointment Schedules: Appointment Schedules offer a more advanced scheduling solution. With Appointment Schedules, you can manage your available time through a personal booking page. This allows others, both within and outside your organization (those without a Gmail account), to book time with you directly in Google Calendar. Appointment schedules can be created on any calendar you own, have edit access to Make changes permission, or have been delegated access to.


Important Considerations

Users can only have one feature enabled at a time: Appointment Schedules or Appointment Slots.
You can adjust this setting before the July 18, 2024 date, under Google Calendar settings > Appointment Schedule.


Actions for Admins and End Users, Prior to July 18, 2024

Admins: Communicate the upcoming change to all staff members and provide training resources.
End Users: Review existing appointment slots and create appointment schedules as needed.
Everyone: Learn more about creating appointment schedules in your calendar.


The transition from Appointment Slots to Appointment Schedules presents an exciting opportunity to improve scheduling processes and enhance collaboration. By taking proactive steps to understand and implement this change, users can maximize the benefits of the new scheduling feature. Stay tuned for further updates and guidance as the transition date approaches.

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