Enhanced Functionality: Introducing the Latest Updates to Little SIS for Classroom, April 2, 2024

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We are excited to introduce a series of enhancements and fixes to Little SIS for Classroom, aimed at streamlining your user experience and improving functionality across various features. Here's what you can expect in our latest release:

Additional Column in Classroom Explorer

Improved Sorting in Student Collections

  • Previously, the collections cards in Student Collections were ordered by student count, which could be cumbersome. Now, the order is alphabetical, making it easier to navigate and find specific collections quickly.

Enhanced Filtering in User Accounts
Administration > Users > Accounts

  • In the suspended column filter on the user accounts page, the drop-down options have been updated for clarity. Previously showing 0 and 1, they now display N for No and Y for Yes, providing a more intuitive selection experience.

Simplified Academic Year Transition in Timeframes
Administration > Timeframes

  • We've simplified the Academic year transition date picker in Timeframes. Previously formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, the inclusion of the year sometimes led to confusion. In this release, the year selection has been removed from the picker. Users now only need to select the day and month for the transition, eliminating ambiguity and allowing seamless transition planning.


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