Clearing Out Pending Teacher Review Classes

Are you noticing a steady increase in classes pending teacher review? This growing list may include outdated or irrelevant classes, reflecting changes in staff or the academic calendar. Here, we shed light on why and when you might consider clearing these pending classes and how to do so effectively.

Outdated or Irrelevant Classes

As your organization evolves, so does the roster of classes awaiting teacher review. Some of these classes may no longer be relevant due to changes in staff or updates to the academic curriculum.

  • End of Academic Periods: Consider clearing pending classes at the end of each academic period, such as semesters or school years. Doing so allows you to start afresh, removing classes from previous terms and ensuring that only current classes are under review.
  • Staff Transitions: Pending classes often accumulate when staff transitions, such as teachers leaving or new hires joining your organization. Clearing pending classes during these transition periods ensures that classes are assigned to the appropriate personnel and reflects the current staffing structure.

Disabling Teacher Review

Clear Out Pending Teacher Review Classes

Warning: If you are transitioning away from Teacher review, be sure to first disable Teacher review, before Clearing out Pending to prevent classes from being reassigned. If Teacher Review  is not disabled, but Pending are cleared, those classes will be re-assigned during the next sync.

  1. Navigate to Home in Little SIS Premium.
  2. In the Teacher Review card, click Clear Out Pending Teacher Review Classes.

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