Introducing Clear Out Pending Teacher Review Classes Feature and Adding SSH Key in SFTP Settings, May 9, 2024

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This release covers the following:

Clearing Pending Classes from Teacher Review

Adding an SSH Key in SFTP Settings

SFTP Port Change


Clearing Pending Classes from Teacher Review

Say goodbye to a growing list of Pending classes in Teacher Review with our newest feature to streamline your workflow.

Why Clear Out Pending Classes?

As your organization grows and evolves, so does your list of pending classes awaiting teacher review. But fear not! We're here to help you keep things organized and up-to-date.

When to Clear Pending Classes

  • End of Academic Periods: Bid farewell to classes from previous terms at the end of each academic period.
  • Staff Transitions: Ensure classes are assigned correctly during staff transitions by clearing pending classes.
  • Disable Teacher Review: If transitioning to alternative methods like Provision Classes or Analyze for class links, disable teacher review first.

How to Clear Pending Classes

  1. Navigate to Little SIS Premium.
  2. Click on Home and find the Teacher Review card.
  3. Click Clear Out Pending Teacher Review Classes.

    Warning: If you are transitioning away from Teacher review, be sure to first disable Teacher review, before Clearing out Pending to prevent classes from being reassigned. If Teacher Review  is not disabled, but Pending are cleared, those classes will be re-assigned during the next sync.

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Adding an SSH Key in SFTP Settings

In addition to using an SFTP username and password, we now allow you to use an SSH or PUB key file to authenticate secure connections for your SIS exports.

Warning: For our Infinite Campus users, Infinite Campus is deprecating the username/password authentication method for SFTP exports. You must set your exports up using this .pub key file method.

  1. To start, you’ll need to create your keys within Infinite Campus.
  2. Once your key is created, you must download the public key file to upload it into Little SIS (step 4 of the linked instructions).
  3. In Little SIS Premium, navigate to Administration > General Settings and scroll to the SFTP settings box.
  4. Click on Add SSH Key, and upload the .pub file.
  5. Once uploaded, go back into Infinite Campus and complete steps 7-10 of the linked instructions to confirm your connection tests successfully.

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SFTP Port Change

To enhance the security of your data transfers, we have updated the port for your SFTP connection. You must update the port in your SIS for your data exports to Port 2225. We will continue to support connections on Port 22 until June 14th, 2024.

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