Google Gemini: Understanding the Versions for Education

Published Date: 5/16/2024


Google is rolling out a new suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools called Gemini, and it has several versions. It provides a range of functionalities designed to support educators, students, and administrators in achieving their academic goals. Here, we'll walk you through what each can do, how much they cost, and what else to consider. Since this is a newly developed tool, there might be changes before the official launch. Everything we're sharing is up-to-date as of the day we publish this article. As we learn and develop best practices, this page will be updated.

Gemini Availability

You can currently access Chat with Gemini, but please note that Gemini Education and Gemini Education Premium are still awaiting release from Google.

Why Gemini

With Google Gemini, you possess the means to revolutionize education within your school district or institution.

Benefits of Gemini include:

  • Enhanced Learning: Gemini empowers students to become more effective learners by providing research assistance, summarizing complex topics, and offering creative writing prompts.
  • Educator Support: Gemini streamlines educators' workflow with tools for lesson planning, creating engaging presentations, and automating repetitive tasks.
  • Improved Administration: Analyze data and generate reports to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions for your school district.

How is Gemini Priced

  Chat with Gemini Gemini Education Gemini Education Premium

Free, any user with a Google account can access at

$20 USD/user/month, one-year commitment

$24 USD/user/month, monthly plan

$30 USD/user/month, one-year commitment

$36 USD/user/month, monthly plan

  • Great for general conversation, asking questions, and getting creative with different prompts.
  • Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet
  • Access to Gemini using the most capable AI models widely available
  • Enterprise-grade data protection
  • Meets the needs of most users with monthly usage limits
  • Everything in Gemini Education, plus:
  • Advanced meetings with Gemini in Meet (take notes for you and attend meetings for you)
  • More proactive security with AI-enhanced data loss prevention
  • Full access to generative AI capabilities
Data Protection
  • Your data isn’t used to train AI models
  • Your data isn’t reviewed by anyone
  • Your data isn’t shared with other users or organizations
  • Same data protection as Chat with Gemini
  • Automatically applies existing settings, such as data-regions
  • Same data protection as Chat with Gemini
  • Automatically applies existing settings, such as data-regions
Terms of Service You agree that your use of Gemini Apps is subject to the Google Terms of Service and the Generative AI Additional Terms of Service.

Who can use Gemini

Gemini falls under age-based access; users must be over 18 years old to use Gemini.
Google offers these warnings to users before using Gemini:

  • Review the Gemini Apps Privacy Notice which includes Gemini Apps activity storage lengths.
  • Please remember that your privacy is important. We ask you not to share any private or confidential information in your Gemini conversations or any data you wouldn’t want Google to use to improve its products, services, and machine learning technologies. Gemini is not available in certain countries and languages. For more details, refer to the documentation about where to use the Gemini web app and Google’s privacy questions.
  • Feedback from a wide range of experts and users helps Gemini improve daily. So when you try Gemini, you can provide feedback using the thumbs up or thumbs down button—with the option to further explain in a comment.


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