Remove a Student from All Classes in Little SIS for Classroom

This article walks you through the feature in Little SIS for Classroom that allows you to remove a student from all or multiple Google Classrooms easily. This feature is handy when students leave school and need to be quickly unrolled from all their classes.

Access the Student Explorer

  1. Navigate to the Student Explorer in Little SIS for Classroom.
  2. Use the search function to find the student you wish to remove from classes.

Select the Student

  1. Once you have located the student, click on their name to view their details.
  2. Go to the Classroom tab in the student's profile.

Choose the Classes to Remove the Student From

  1. In the Classroom Tab, you will see a list of all the classes the student is enrolled in.
  2. Select the classes (individually or use the select all checkbox) from which you want to remove the student.

Remove the Student

  1. After selecting the relevant classes, click on the Remove from Classes button located at the top right of the page. A confirmation prompt will appear.
  2. Confirm the removal to by selecting each class checkbox.
  3. Click Remove to complete the process.

Note: The primary teacher receives an email notifying them that the student has been removed from Classroom rosters.


Review the Audit Log

  • The Audit Log records all student removals from classes. You can review this log to track changes and ensure the removal processed successfully.

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