Gopher Buddy Manifest V3, June, 25, 2024

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We are excited to announce the latest release of Gopher Buddy. Unlike previous updates, where differences were visible upon login, this new version requires a proactive step from your end. You must uninstall the current Gopher Buddy extension and install this latest update.

This change is due to our migration to Google's API, Manifest V3. By adopting this new method, we can better adapt to evolving technological landscapes and enhance the privacy and performance of our extension.

To facilitate this transition, we have prepared a guide outlining the steps to migrate to the latest version of Gopher for Gopher Buddy. You can access the guide by following this link to our Help Center: Updating to the newest version of Gopher Buddy.

What's the Same:

The software's core functionality remains unchanged. You can continue to rely on Gopher Buddy to deliver the same robust features and capabilities you've come to depend on. While we have implemented updates to streamline the application, such as colors and button names, these enhancements have been carefully designed to ensure a seamless user experience without altering the familiar functionality you know and trust.

What's Changed:

The transition from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3 signifies a fundamental shift in how our Google app operates behind the scenes. While these changes may not be directly perceptible in the user interface, they lay the foundation for future enhancements and innovations.

With this transition, our Gopher Buddy benefits from increased security measures, ensuring a safer browsing experience for our users. Additionally, Manifest V3 enables us to optimize our app's performance, leading to faster loading times and smoother user interactions.

Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any difficulties or inquiries you may have during the migration process. We're here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition for you.

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