Google Takeout Update: Transfer Content Tool Change

Effective Date: Early 2024

Select account picture > Manage your Google Account > Transfer your content > Start transfer

Starting in early 2024, Google is implementing a change to its Takeout service that will impact how users can transfer their data. This change specifically affects the ability to transfer files shared with you through the Transfer your content tool in Google Takeout. If you are not familiar with Google Takeout, it lets users take their files and emails from the school or institution's Google Workspace for Education account and transfer them to another Google account.

Key Changes

  • What’s Changing?
    • Users can no longer transfer files shared with them using the Takeout - Transfer your content tool.
    • This change does not affect the ability to transfer other data types using Google Takeout.
  • What Remains the Same?
    • Users can still use Google Takeout to transfer their Gmail data (excluding contacts, chats, or tasks).
    • Users can transfer copies of documents and folders they own in their My Drive in Google Drive.

Actions Required

  • For Administrators:
    • No actions are required in the Admin console.
    • Be sure to inform users about this change and the new process for exporting shared files.
  • For Users:
    • If you need to export files shared with you, you must manually make a copy of these files and save them to your personal Drive before using Google Takeout.

Recommendations for Higher Education

  • Graduating Students: Should be advised to make copies of any shared files they wish to keep in their personal Drive before using Google Takeout to transfer their data.


A graduating senior wants to transfer their school account data to a personal account. With this change, they will need to:

  1. Make copies of any shared documents they want to retain in their personal Google Drive.
  2. Use Google Takeout to transfer other data like emails and files they own in their My Drive.

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