Gopher Buddy - What does the Chrome end-user see?

Gopher Buddy only impacts managed users within the OUs for which you have force-installed the Gopher Buddy Chrome Extension.  The features and behavior of the extension for a given user depend on:

  • Whether or not the user is on a managed device.
  • Whether or not Chrome OS update reminders are enabled by the admin.
  • How many versions behind the user's current Chrome OS version is (max version can be configured by the admin).
  • Whether or not access to Device Info is enabled by the admin.
  • How the user's defined access permissions (NONE, BASIC, or FULL) for Device Info are defined by the admin.
User context What they see

All users in OUs that have the extension force-installed will see the extension icon.


If they are on a managed device that is one or more versions behind, and you have enabled Chrome OS update reminders (configured in setup) the Gopher icon will include a red warning.  When clicked, it will guide the user through the Chrome update process.


- or -



If the user is on an unmanaged device (Mac, PC, unmanaged Chromebook) clicking on the extension will show:

Gopher Buddy is an admin tool for managed Chromebooks on It performs no actions on Chrome browsers.


If the user is on a managed Chrome device, but they do not have access to device info configured in setup, clicking the extension displays one of these messages; Check Again or Fix It.


Clicking Fix It guides the user through the Chrome update process. See Fix It popup below


- or -


If the device is more than N major versions behind the latest available Chrome OS version, the user will see a popup notification in Chrome. N is defined by the admin.



If the user is on a managed Chrome device, and they have BASIC or FULL access to device info, configured in setup, clicking the extension shows;

  • Chrome is up to date
    • Check Again
    • Show Device Info
  • Chrome is out of date
    • Fix It
    • Show Device Info

Clicking Show Device Info loads a display of Chrome Device details and recent user sessions, depending on the current user's access level. See Device Info Panel below


- or - 



Fix It popup

Clicking Fix It from the extension automatically opens the chrome://settings/help tab and displays a popup with instructions to the end-user on what steps may be needed, depending on the state of the device.


Show Device Info panel

Data in the Basic Info and Additional Info tabs is displayed as reported by the Google Admin console.



Data in the Gopher Buddy Session Data tab will show all session data for up to 30 days, with a max of 100 sessions. 


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