What is Gopher for Chrome Premium?

Gopher for Chrome Premium (as opposed to Basic) includes access to Gopher Buddy.

The Gopher Buddy Chrome Extension partners with the Chrome Gopher Add-on to boost your fleet’s OS health and offers high-resolution usage history and network IP reporting on Chrome devices, as well as a handy way for students and staff to access key device info.

Gopher Buddy:

  1. Extends the reporting powers of Gopher for Chrome to include user sessions that capture username, local & public IP address, start time, and session duration in minutes.
  2. Gives logged-in G Suite users permission-based access to recent session info and device metadata like SN and Asset ID from the logged-in context.
  3. Nudges users to help prevent Chrome devices from falling more than 3 version behind in their OS updates.

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How do I know if my domain has Gopher for Chrome Premium?

Hovering over the license icon in the sidebar footer should display the word "Premium." 


How do I access Gopher for Chrome Premium (Gopher Buddy) features?

Once installed & configured, Gopher Buddy presents a toggle switch in the Load managed devices tab of the Chrome Gopher Sheets sidebar.