Why Am I Being Told Gopher Buddy Service Needs to Be Turned On for My Whole Organization?

The Gopher Buddy Service is an API endpoint responsible for performing lookups on devices and users on behalf of an assigned admin user and logging data to our database when the Chrome Extension calls home.
Suppose you do not install the Gopher Buddy Service on the root OU. In that case, there is a strong chance the admin you assign during setup will fall outside the installation path or get moved or changed in the future, which will then cause authorization errors and prevent the Gopher Buddy Extension from functioning.


Since the service does not do anything, see the Q&A below, for end-users, we believe the more future-proof setup is to install the service for users in all organizations at the root.

What if I really don't want to install the Gopher Buddy Service on the root?

It is possible to install the Gopher Buddy Service only on the OU(s) that contain both the currently logged-in user and the admin assigned to the application during setup, and it will still function. Again, this is a tricky requirement that you will likely break in the future, so we advise against it.

If I do install Gopher Buddy Service on the root, what will my end users experience?

If end users inspect their Apps in the App-launcher, they will see a Gopher Buddy icon, as shown below.


Clicking the icon will take them to the What is Gopher Buddy informational page.


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