Uninstalling Gopher Buddy, Data Deletion

Because there are multiple components to the Gopher Buddy Service (Setup app, Google Workspace Marketplace App, and Chrome Extension), uninstalling takes a few steps.

The uninstall steps, with relevant deep links, can be found in the Gopher Buddy Service - Setup Panel, from the Uninstall tab.  Learn more about the process for data deletion below.


Gopher Buddy's data deletion process

Gopher Buddy stores session data that contains user email address, Google Workspace user ID, timestamp, session duration and session IP address. These data are stored in encrypted form in a database maintained by Amplified Labs.

Submitting the permanent-data deletion form will notify all super admins on your domain of the deletion request, and initiate a 20-day waiting period prior to permanent data deletion. During this 20-day period, you are still able to change your mind.