Data Studio Connectors and Reports

The Gopher for Users Add-on for Sheets provides a powerful way to create, manage and gain insight into user accounts on a Google Workspace domain. The features described below are available to paid users of Gopher for Users.

Thanks to the power of Google Data Studio, Gopher for Users' data cache can now be visualized with rich, shareable, and embeddable dashboards.

To get started, navigate to the reports tab in the Gopher for Users Add-on for Sheets, then select Data Studio > Connectors and preview the options available.  The Data Studio connectors feature requires that the cache be enabled.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-01_at_7.20.35_PM.png Screen_Shot_2018-07-01_at_7.20.42_PM.png

Launching and authorizing the User Properties connector will prompt you to Use template by default...

Users with a "paid" license for Gopher for Users, and the appropriate Google Workspace administrative (API) permissions will see a "My Cache" option.   All other users will see "Example Data Cache" only, which allows users to preview the reporting functionality with fake data.  Select the appropriate data source.


...followed by a Create Report button.



The default Data Studio report template

By default, the Gopher for Users Data Studio connector will connect to the user cache selected during setup.  Once access to this data is established, all viewers of reports that use the connector will see this same cached, auto-refreshing data.

Last Login Dashboard

Useful for discovering groups of users that may be lagging in their adoption, in need of password redistribution, or suspension / deletion.  Filters for Assigned OU, Last Login, Creation Date, and User Email.


 Admin Security Dashboard

Quickly identify super admins and delegated admins (role-based) where 2FA has not been set up.



Address Book Visibility

Since many districts prefer to keep student accounts out of the address book, this can be a great way to spot and fix anomalies by organizational unit. 



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