How the New Classroom Features Impact Little SIS (August 2018)

August 10, 2018:
Just in time for the new school year, this week the Google Classroom team has rolled out a slew of new features and changes for Classroom, and they have created this teacher-facing FAQ doc to help with change-management.
For those of you who have already provisioned Classes for the year, there's a bit of a fly in the honey around these new features.
The fly in the honey:  It appears the following impacts will be felt by districts where teachers have clicked "Accept" on any API-provisioned (including LS) classes prior to today:
  1. The "About" page will disappear for those classes.
  2. The "Coursework" option will not be available on Little SIS provisioned until "later," according to the Classroom team:

Q:  Can I use the Classwork page with an existing class?  

A:  No. Currently, only newly created classes have the Classwork page. Soon you’ll be able to add the Classwork page to an existing class.
What now?
We've identified an (imperfect) workaround for teachers that have already "Accepted" Little SIS classes and are missing the "Coursework" page, provided they don't mind "starting over" with a freshly-provisioned Classroom class.
Provided they understand and accept that they will lose all work in the class, teachers can take the following steps:
1) "Archive" the class
2) "Delete" the archived class
3) Wait for the next sync / run of Little SIS
The next time Little SIS runs, a new instance of the class will be provisioned.  Once they have "Accepted" the course, the "Coursework" feature will be available.
Alternatively, teachers can just choose to wait it out for the Classroom team to deploy the fix.