Change Management: Planning for the Classroom Sync

For Managed Sync to have the greatest impact in your school(s), we recommend that you consider the following change management recommendations in your rollout prior to launching the Classroom sync.

  • Build change champions: Get your go-getter teachers on board from day one. Classroom is probably already in use in some classrooms, and these teachers are your best spokespeople for getting broader buy-in. Ask these teachers to be part of your training program - build their profiles by giving them leadership opportunities in your broader Classroom training plan.
  • Communicate early and often with teachers: Let teachers know what about Managed Sync, the rationale for its adoption, and how they should expect their Classroom classes to behave based on your chosen setup.
  • Let your teachers know: We have put together an email template for admins to send to their teachers regarding Managed Sync. Check out the Overview for Teachers knowledgebase article for sample teacher communications that you can copy and share. Invest in teacher training: Proper training takes time, but it is worth it to get your teachers on board. Work with your instructional team to build a professional development or coaching program that will help your teachers feel comfortable with Classroom from day one. Check out the Teacher Training for Classroom article for some resources and ideas for your Classroom rollout. 


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