What support is included with Managed Sync?

Throughout the onboarding process, you are supported by various members of our team regarding Admin console settings, user provisioning, and Classroom syncing. Once your onboarding is complete, we continue to support your district’s user and Classroom syncs. Below is a further breakdown of the support that we offer and what support is not included.

Post-onboarding sync support

Our team keeps an eye on your user and Classroom syncs each day. If we notice that either of the syncs is not functioning as expected, we will take action and find the solution. If needed, we will reach out to you for clarification or further information.

User provisioning support

If your students are reporting that they are unable to access their account, we need to know. Please enter a support ticket so we can remedy this. When opening a ticket, please include the student’s ID and if possible their email address.

Classroom and guardian sync support

If your teachers are reporting that their Classroom classes are not getting created or not syncing properly, your first recourse is to take a look at the daily sync log to see if a change was made to their Classrooms. If you’re not able to identify the issue, we are happy to help investigate the issue. Please enter a support ticket, providing the teacher’s email address, the name of the affected class(es), and/or student(s). The more information you can give us, the better.

If you find that you need to make a change to your Classroom sync, need to re-provision a declined class, or need to create a student or class exception, enter a support ticket, providing as much information as possible about the change that you need to be made.

If your teachers or parents are reporting issues with guardians not getting invited as they should, assuming that the teacher has the Guardian Summary toggle switched to ON in their Classroom, we may need to troubleshoot the sync. We may also need to troubleshoot the guardian sync if parents are receiving invitations for the wrong student. Please enter a support ticket, providing the parent and student email addresses.

What’s not included

After Managed Sync onboarding, custom configuration changes, further user management, and general Google Workspace Admin Console training will require the purchase of Support Hours.

If your teachers are experiencing issues with Classroom that are unrelated to the creation of classes, syncing of students, or guardian invitations, you will have to contact Google for general Classroom support.

When to contact Clever support

Since your SIS data is feeding into Clever, there are some limitations to the support that Amplified Labs can provide with regard to your user and roster data.

Here are some examples of issues that need to be addressed with Clever:

  • Incomplete user data for the username or password schema
  • Incomplete roster/schedule data for Classroom provisioning
  • Missing Guardian email addresses for guardian syncing

If you’re experiencing one of these issues or any other Clever-related issue, check out their Help Center for more information. You can open a support ticket with Clever or call 1-800-521-6516. 

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