Why am I being asked by Gopher for Gmail to uninstall the Google Workspace Marketplace App?

This article is only relevant if you are being prompted with the following in the Gopher for Gmail sidebar...


This means you installed Gopher for Gmail prior to late Feb, 2019, and need to change the way the app is installed on your domain before you can use it again.   The new installation approach, which involves adding a client ID and API scopes directly to your admin console, has two great advantages:

  1.  Your domain users will no longer see the Gopher for Gmail icon / launcher listed under the "waffle" icon in Google Workspace.  This was problematic / unnecessary distraction for users and led them to an information page without adding any value.
  2. After Google changed their model for Add-ons publishing in mid-January 2019, you would have also have seen the Gopher for Gmail Add-on listed in Sheets for all users, which is obviously not appropriate.

How do I uninstall the Google Workspace Marketplace App?

If you are logged in as a super administrator, the link provided from the Uninstall App button will take you to the Gopher for Gmail marketplace app listing in your admin console.  Clicking Remove app will uninstall it from your domain and remove it from the waffle for your users.

What should I see once I click Next?

Once you click the Next button, the app should prompt you to authorize domain-level API access as shown below.  Due to the Google's authentication system's latency, this prompt may not immediately appear if you've only very recently removed the Google Workspace Marketplace app.  If it doesn't appear, please try closing and re-opening the Gopher for Gmail sidebar via.


Why is providing the client ID and API scopes in the Google Workspace admin console necessary?  Check out this article to learn more.