Discover the Power of Little SIA for Google Classroom Management

Welcome to Little SIS, the ultimate tool to elevate your Google Classroom management. With Little SIS, you can streamline your classroom experience, making it more efficient and insightful.

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Transform Your Classroom Management

Little SIS revolutionizes how you interact with Google Classroom. Here's a look at some of the key features that can transform your educational environment:

Explore Classes with Ease

Effortlessly browse and review all your Google Classroom classes in one convenient place. Whether you have multiple teachers or numerous classes, Little SIS brings them together for a comprehensive overview.

Gain Insights into Teacher Assignments

Unlock valuable insights into teacher assignments. Analyze patterns and adoption rates, and delve deep into classwork by teacher, course, or across your entire school. Little SIS provides the data you need to make informed decisions.

Seamless Class Participation

Joining classes has never been easier. Whether as a co-teacher or a student, Little SIS simplifies the process. You can even set time limits for your access and notify teachers of your participation seamlessly.

Comprehensive Insights and Analytics

Easily spot trends and patterns across teachers, campuses, and classes. Track classroom adoption and growth with our powerful analytics tools, helping you stay on top of your educational environment.

Efficient Bulk Actions

Eliminate tedious tasks with Little SIS's bulk action capabilities. With just a few clicks, archive old classes, clear rosters, add co-teachers, change class owners, and more. Save time and focus on what matters most.

Empower Your Team

Little SIS provides the right level of access for coaches, school leaders, and support staff. Empower them to support and collaborate with you more effectively, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Which Persona Are You?

Little SIS provides many powerful ways for end-users to explore and take action on Google Classroom classes on a Google Workspace domain, but what you can see and do depends very much on what kind of user you are within Little SIS. 

Through a simple setup process, Little SIS makes it easy for the administrator to assign tags to Google Classroom classes by academic year and campus or school. Once classes have tags, Admins use the tags to grant access to Little SIS users. You can grant access only to the classes users need to do their job supporting instruction.

For example, you could grant a school principal who oversees teaching and learning at Beach Grove Elementary Little SIS access to all active and historic Google Classroom classes taught by teachers at that school.

Besides seeing Classroom activity for those classes, you can grant users the ability to:

  • Join the class as a co-teacher or student while doing evaluations.
  • Add a substitute teacher as a co-teacher while the primary teacher is out.
  • Transfer Classroom ownership to another teacher if the primary teacher leaves the district.

Check out our guide to the personas that can enjoy new superpowers in Google Classroom.

Are you a super administrator on your Google Workspace domain? Get started.

Have you been assigned a role with limited access and permissions? Get started over here.

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