What is the Little SIS for Classroom web app?

The Little SIS web app gives the IT department, school leaders, coaches, and support staff administrative superpowers in Google Classroom.

Through a simple setup process, Little SIS makes it easy for the administrator to assign tags to Google Classroom classes by academic year and campus or school. Once classes have been tagged to schools, it means that Little SIS users can be granted access to only the classes that are needed for them to their job supporting instruction.

For example, a school principal who oversees teaching and learning at Beach Grove Elementary could be granted Little SIS access for all active and historic Google Classroom classes taught by teachers at that school. In addition to seeing Classroom activity for each of those classes, they can be given the ability to join the class as a co-teacher or student while doing evaluations. They could also add a substitute teacher as a co-teacher while the primary teacher is out, or even transfer ownership of the Classroom to another teacher if the primary teacher leaves the district.

A wide range of different users -- from IT to instructional staff -- can get value from Little SIS.  Check out our guide to the range of personas that can benefit from new superpowers in Google Classroom.

Which persona are you?

Little SIS provides many powerful ways for end users to explore and take action on the Google Classroom classes on a Google Workspace domain, but what you can see and do very much depends on what kind of user you are within Little SIS.

Are you a super administrator on your Google Workspace domain?  Get started.

Have you been assigned a role with limited access and permissions?  Get started over here.