Data Privacy Addendum: Little SIS Sync Agent

For our base-level privacy agreement, visit this link.

The following privacy addendum is intended to provide modifications to our base privacy agreement specific to the Little SIS Sync Agent, a district-server-hosted solution.  For additional privacy information related to the web-hosted Little SIS for Classroom, visit the relevant section of this help center.

What information does the Little SIS Sync Agent access and store?

The Little SIS Sync Agent maintains a local, district-hosted database of the majority of Google API-available fields across Courses, Students, CourseWork, and Announcements within Google Classroom.   These include student name, student email address, and student course enrollments.

Additional SIS extracts may be delivered to a network drive that is accessible to Little SIS Sync Agent.  The schema and data requirements of these exports can be reviewed here.  In some cases, guardian email addresses are also stored as exports on the district server.

Where and how is this information stored?

All information stored by and for the operation of Little SIS Sync is held on the local disk of the district-controlled server or desktop device where Little SIS Sync Agent is installed.   All API calls to Google that pass information to Google Classroom and Google Workspace are made under HTTPS encryption and secured by OAuth2. 

What control does the user have over the storage and destruction of this information?

All data is stored on a district server or -- passed via API calls -- in Google Classroom / Google Workspace.  The destruction of this data is therefore fully within the user's control. 

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