Data Privacy Addendum - Backpack for Google Drive

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For our base-level privacy agreement, visit this link.

The following privacy addendum is intended to provide modifications to our base privacy agreement specific to Backpack for Google Drive.  

What information does Backpack for Google Drive access and store?

Backpack for Google Drive is deeply integrated with Google Drive and Classroom, which means it requires access via Google's APIs to Drive file names, student and teacher email addresses, and file locations and ids, as well as Google Classroom rosters. 

Student school name or grade level information may also be accessed and stored within Backpack for Drive through its access to Google's user directory.

Additional information collected within the app includes Drive file artifact submissions, which include student anecdotal reflections and skill alignments.

Backpack for Drive accesses no sensitive student identifiers, such as state ID or other biographical fields.

Where and how is this information stored?

All information stored in Backpack for Drive is stored in either 1) Google Drive, which falls under Google's privacy agreement and resides under the custody of the end-user and school administration, or 2) within Google Cloud Platform under the custody of CDW Amplified for Education, by a legal agreement with the school or district.

What control does the user have over the storage and destruction of this information?

For districts leaving Backpack for Drive, all stored data within CDW Amplified for Education data systems can be exported or deleted upon request.  Any data stored in Google Drive, such as student files, can be exported and/or deleted per the native features provided by Google Drive.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/21/2024 Updated privacy policy link to CDW


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