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Schools are tags that are assigned to Google Classrooms based on the school to which the primary teacher is assigned. Schools are used to filter the Explorer grid to isolate Classrooms of a particular school site. Schools are also used to restrict the Classrooms that your delegated users can access.

What You’ll Learn

In this article you’ll learn how to:

Creating a School Tag

To create a school tag, you’ll first create the school, then assign the tag classes and teachers. Let's take a look at how it's done.

To create a new school tag:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Schools from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click Add School, at the top right corner. The Add School popup opens.
  3. Enter the Name of the school. 
  4. Enter a Code to identify the school.
  5. Click the Color box to select a color.
  6. Click Confirm to confirm the color.
  7. Click Initialize School. Your school tag is created and the Edit School pop-up opens. You’ll use this to apply it to Google Classroom classes.
  8. Now that you’ve created a school tag, it’s time to apply the tag to classes. Select an option for syncing classes and teachers. By default the Classes and teachers tab is selected by default.
    • A teacher Google Group: Enter the full Group email address. Then click Validate and sync. Once validated, the Sync daily toggle becomes active. This group will sync daily.
      To create a static list that does not sync, toggle Sync daily to OFF then remove or add teachers as necessary.
      Note: This option is only available for the current school year.
    • A teacher Org Unit: Select your OU from the drop-down menu.AddSchoolUnitHL.png
    • A static list of teachers: Use the Add teachers and Remove teachers button to build your list of teachers. 
  9. To add students to a school, click the Students tab.
  10. Select the method for tagging; A student Google Group or A student Org Unit.
    • A student Google Group: Enter the email for the Google group in the field provided and click Validate and Sync
    • A student Org Unit: Select the parent OU for the student Google accounts from the drop-down and click Update. AddStudentStudentOU.png
  11. Click Save. The School tag appears in the list of schools.

Update school and timeframe tags from Classroom Explorer

You can also update school and timeframe tags for a class from the Google Classroom Explorer.

Editing a School

After a school tag is created,  you can make changes to it.

  1. From Schools, right-click over the school Name/Code/Teachers/Students columns and click Edit School. The Edit School pop-up opens.
    Right-click over a Teacher count column under an academic year and click Edit/View teachers for [school (year)] to open the Edit School popup for that school with the academic year preselected.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the school. and 
  3. Click Save.  

Adding Teachers to Previous School Years Using Google Groups

If you are looking to add teachers to previous school years for a school and want to use the google group used when creating the current school year teachers, you can do that:

  1. From the Add School/Edit School popup, select a school year from the drop-down. 
  2. Click Add teachers.
  3. On the To which academic years do you want to add teachers line, you should see the school year you selected. If you want to add multiple school years, select them one at a time from the drop-down. Each additional year you select, appears on the line.
  4. Select an option for how you would like to add teachers.
    • Enter accounts individually: In the Enter email/name field, begin typing the email address or name for the account. Teacher accounts that match appear in the list. Select a teacher name.
    • Paste accounts: Enter or paste the email and click Validate. If the email matches a teacher account
    • Copy from other year: Select the school year from which you want to copy.
  5. Check the Remove all existing teachers before making additions checkbox. For example, if you want to assign a Lead Teacher or Principal to a single School rather than to an entire district, you will need to select this checkbox.
  6. Click Confirm.

Deleting a School

If a custom timeframe is no longer needed, you can delete it.

  1. From Schools, right-click over the school Name/Code/Teachers/Students.
  2. Click Delete School.
  3. At the confirmation prompt, click Delete.
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