Gain insights

A reminder about class visibility and features in Little SIS

Little SIS provides many powerful ways to gain insights into the Google Classroom classes on your domain, but what you can see and do very much depends on what kind of user you are within Little SIS.

Super administrators can view ALL of the Google Classroom classes on a G Suite domain and have unlimited access to features within Little SIS.  Learn about features specific to super admins.

Not a super admin?

Depending on your assigned access you can be granted access to limited sets of classes within Little SIS.  Depending on your role, you may also have only a limited set of features available to you.  Learn more about how to determine what access and permissions you have.

Little SIS keeps a live copy of data related to all classes (and their metadata like assignments, announcements, etc.) on your domain and makes these available via Insight Reports.

Insight reports

Little SIS makes Google Classroom data visible in a growing suite of reports.  These reports can be made available to users based on their role, and are responsive to the Timeframe filter.  All of these reports will contain data only on those classes to which a user has been granted access (for many users, this will typically this is defined by school).

As of August 2019, the available reports are:

  • Overview:  A simple summary of classes by STATE.   For more information about what course states mean, check out Google's documentation.overview.png
  • Roster Analysis: A histogram that shows the number of classes by student count, and as a total.  Eliminating outliers like rosters with fewer than 1 or 2 students can provide a window into the actual adoption state, as adoption-reluctant teachers will often create classes that never actually get used with students.
  • overview.png
  • Teacher Analysis: A row per teacher that includes TOTALS of classes meeting a variety of criteria:
    • Classes with very few students
    • Classes that have the guardian notification feature enabled
    • Classes that have co-teachers
    • Total assignment count
    • Total announcement count
    • Count of classes requiring metadata refresh
  • Screen_Shot_2019-08-16_at_4.52.59_PM.png
  • Roster / Teacher Changes: A row per roster add / drop event, or per co-teacher add / drop event within Google Classroom.  These changes are logged from a Google API listener and will include both user-initiated changes AND changes initiated by Little SIS Sync Agent or other provisioning solutions.
  • changes.png