Understanding sync errors

Errors when staging a sync job:

When running a sync analysis, in addition to checking Google Classroom, Little SIS Sync will check that teacher emails in the enrollments file are active in G Suite. If you have suspended, invalid, or inaccurate email addresses in your SIS data, or if there are blanks in the teacher email column, then you will see "Data Source Issues" on the summary screen in the sync analysis. 


Clicking on this text will take you to the "Excluded Classes" page, where you can filter the exclusion reason to "Teacher Email does not exist in G Suite." Here you will see a list of invalid emails or classes with blank teacher emails. Fixing the account in your SIS data should resolve these errors and allow these classes to be created on the next sync.



Errors during the sync:

When Little SIS Sync jobs run, a sync log is emailed to the admin(s) provided in the Sync Settings page. A txt file will be attached to the email and contain a detailed view of all of the changes performed by the sync.


If there are errors when the sync runs, you will see the number of errors appear in the email body, and errors will appear at the top of the attached txt file. 


It's important to note that the number of errors corresponds to each occurrence in the enrollments file. For example, a single invalid student email address can result in upwards of 6 errors in the sync log, as each time the student email appears in the file counts as 1 error. Errors in the sync log are either student errors, or teacher errors. If teacher errors are present, then every student in the teacher's classes will also appear as errors in the log, since they are not able to be added to this teacher's class.

Types of error messages in the sync log:

Typically, teacher errors are related to invalid teacher email accounts.

There are a number of error messages that can appear next to a student email address in the sync log.

  • BAD REQUEST/INVALID - There is an issue with the student email address -- it's either suspended or incorrect in the sync file, in most cases. In some cases, the student may be in an OU where Classroom is turned off.
  • ALREADY EXISTS - If a student email address has changed since they have been added to Classroom, this error message can appear. It's likely that the student exists in the Classroom already, in most cases. Usually a User Directory refresh will prevent these errors from reoccurring. 
  • FAIL - 503 - This is a Google server error, and the action was unable to be completed. Rerunning the sync will resolve these errors.
  • FAIL - 403 - This is a permissions error, and likely means that the account used to authenticate Little SIS Sync is no longer a super admin account. Note that in order to manage Classroom changes, the Little SIS Sync account must remain a super admin account. 
  • 400 Errors - 400 errors are Precondition check errors, and occur when an aspect of the Classroom is in a state that prevents the change from occurring. There is  detailed list of these precondition fails in the Classroom API reference. These errors will likely need some assistance from our support team to help diagnose.
  • API/BATCH ERROR - These errors occur when the Classroom API is not able to respond to the number of API requests, and a re-sync will resolve these errors. 
  • PENDING INVITATION EXISTS - This refers to a primary teacher change that was unable to complete because there is already a pending primary teacher change for the class. To resolve it, the current primary teacher must remove the pending request in the Google Classroom, or the invited teacher must accept the invitation in Classroom.