Link a SIS class to an existing ACTIVE Google Classroom class

There are many instances where teachers have ACTIVE Google Classroom classes that they have already begun to work on and populate with content before the start of the school year and/or mid-year. When the same class is created and assigned via the SIS, teachers will want to link these classes.

  1. Drag and drop an ASSIGNED class card on top of an ACTIVE class card. The roster view automatically opens. Here a teacher can review the roster for the linked class. The left panel displays Student Name and Email
  2. Click DONE when you are finished reviewing the roster on the left. You can always return to viewing the linked roster by clicking the vertical ellipses on the linked class card.

    Note: You will notice an icon on the card when classes are linked. Linked class cards will stay pinned to the top of you Active class area. This makes it easy to identify linked classes.  

  4. Locate the linked class card at the right and click Schedule.

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