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There are some instances where the SIS data will have two separate class sections that meet during the same timeframe for a teacher. Common examples include inclusion in regular education classes or different academic levels of the same subject meeting at the same time/period. It may make sense for teachers to merge these classes into one class so they can be easily managed.

Warning: Google does not permit linking or merging of classes after their creation. It is crucial to link or merge classes before their creation to avoid complications. After the creation of classes, linking or merging from Teacher Review in Little SIS is no longer possible.

  1. First, view the roster for the classes to merge by clicking on the vertical ellipsis.
  2. Drags and drops class cards on merge on top of one another.
    The roster view automatically opens. Here a teacher can review the roster for the merged class. The right panel displays your MERGED Class Roster. The roster includes Student Name, Email, SIS Class Name/Section.
  3. To undo/exclude Merged classes, simply X out the course you wish to eliminate and click

    Note: If you want to review the class roster again, you can open the roster view from the vertical ellipses on the merged class card.

  4. After reviewing classes for accuracy, click Schedule on the class card to schedule the class to be provisioned.

    Note: The Scheduled Actions tab has an indicator for the number of classes being created or updated in Google Classroom.
  5. Click the Scheduled Actions tab to perform a final review and then finish those actions.  The banner at the top also shows you how many classes you have left to review.
  6. Click Finish (#) Scheduled Action to create or update your Google Classroom class(es) or select the ACCEPT, DECLINE, LINK buttons at the bottom of each class card to finish an action individually.

    Note: For accepted or declined classes in the Scheduled Actions tab, you can undo those by selecting Undo from the vertical ellipsis. This will send those SIS classes back to Your ASSIGNED Classes.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 1/5/2024 Added Warning for link/merge before classes create
1.1 7/17/2024 Reverify


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