How to Override Teacher Review

You set up your sync job and enabled Teacher Review. You've been monitoring Classroom creation through the email updates and the Teacher Review section for admins. Now you've noticed that some teachers have not yet taken action to accept their Classrooms, and school is a day or two away.

At this point, you may want to override the Teacher Review process and directly provision the assigned classes for those teachers. 

Run a Sync Job to Override Teacher Review for Remaining Classes

First, Review Which Classes Are Still Pending in Teacher Review So That You Know What You’ll Be Provisioning.

  1. From the home area in Little SIS Sync, refresh the Teacher Review card to see the number of Pending classes.
    RefreshTeacherReview Stats.png
  2. Click # Pending to open the Teacher Review Overview. Review the classes listed and take note of any that you wish to exclude from directly provisioning.
  3. Close the Overview window.

Next, Edit Your Sync Job and Run It Manually.

  1. From Roster Sync Jobs, find your job card. Click the elipsis menu and edit the job. 
  2. (Optional) To make exceptions for a class or teacher who should NOT have their classes directly provisioned, go to Manage inclusion / exclusion and add an exception rule. 
  3. From Update Preferences, go to the Teacher Review / Class Links tab.
  4. Change from Enable Teacher Review to Provision Classes or Analyze for class links. Click NextProvisionClasses.png 
  5. Under Automation, be sure that you have selected to run a manual sync.
  6. Proceed to save the job and run the sync analysis.
  7. Review the job. (Optional) If needed, exclude and stage class exception as part of your review. 
  8. Commit the staged actions. This directly provisions any classes in this manual sync that were previously pending.

Last, Reset Your Sync Job to the Original Configuration So That Future Syncs Will Use Teacher Review.

  1. From Roster Sync Jobs, find your job card. Click the ellipsis menu and edit the job. 
  2. Remove any job Exclusions you added in the previous steps if you no longer want them.
  3. Go to Update Preferences then to Teacher Review / Class Links and switch back to Enable Teacher Review.

Note: If you directly provision classes and then find that a teacher needs to link or merge classes instead of accepting the provisioned class, follow these instructions to delete the provisioned class. Then, run the sync job for the class(es) with Teacher Review turned on.


Document Version Date Description of Change
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