Clever Sync for Google Classroom

Google has partnered with Clever to offer Classroom roster syncing for Workspace Plus domains. This partnership gives school admins the ability to create and sync Google Classroom classes with their SIS rosters, as long as they have properly configured both Clever and Google Workspace Plus.

Understanding Google Clever Sync 

School admins can use their Clever rosters to create and sync Google Classroom classes by school, course, or teacher within their Clever interface. Once SIS data is syncing to Clever for the school year, admins add the Google Classroom import app to their Clever account and complete the setup wizard to set up the sync.

Key Features:

  • Admins can control which classes sync to Classroom at the school, course, or teacher level.
  • Teachers can add/remove students and co-teachers and change the name of the course without affecting the sync.
  • Co-teachers can also sync from the SIS rosters to Classroom classes.
  • Can be configured in advance and set a date when the import begins. 
  • Initial import to Classroom takes approximately 24 hours to complete.
  • Teachers must accept or decline courses in Classroom once imported.


  • Google email addresses for teachers and students must be in Clever.
  • Google Workspace Plus licenses must be active for teachers and students to sync to Classroom.

Clever Sync and Little SIS Premium 

For schools who are either current Little SIS Premium users and are considering the Clever sync or for schools brand new to Classroom syncing, the table below serves to highlight the features of both tools so you can decide which solution best meets your school's needs. 

  Little SIS Premium Google Clever Sync
Does not require custom SIS exports   checkmark.png
Create Google Classroom classes from SIS data and sync rosters throughout the school year checkmark.png checkmark.png
Create and manage multiple sync jobs checkmark.png  
Co-teacher syncing   checkmark.png
Guardian syncing checkmark.png  
Sync rules/inclusion rules based on common filters like school and course checkmark.png checkmark.png
Granular inclusion and exclusion sync rules checkmark.png  
Link current Google Classroom classes with synced classes checkmark.png  
Merge synced classes to create customized Google Classroom classes checkmark.png  
Bulk admin actions for Google Classroom, like archiving classes checkmark.png  
Create delegated admin roles for staff to view Google Classroom classes and data checkmark.png  
Create Google Classroom classes without students, who can be added later checkmark.png  
Sync does not override teacher additions or removals  requires additional configuration checkmark.png
Requires active Google Workspace Plus licenses   checkmark.png


For more information about Google Clever Sync, refer to Clever's Classroom rostering knowledgebase.

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