Admins: Troubleshooting Little SIS Premium

Here are some common concerns that admins encounter in Little SIS Premium. Use the tips and solutions below to streamline troubleshooting. If you need additional help, reach out to

How do I read the Little SIS Premium logs? How do I get more info about sync errors?

The logs can be a bit tricky to read at first glance because they are in JSON format. You may find them easier to read in a web browser rather than a traditional text editor. If your job completes with errors, search for failed on the log. This will display error(s) that could have occurred during the class creation stage or the update rosters stage.

Typically, you’ll see 400 or 404 errors. A 400 error usually indicates that the student is suspended or doesn’t have Classroom enabled. A 404 error indicates that the user doesn’t exist in the admin console. A FAILED_PRECONDITION error generally shows up during the classroom creation process and indicates that the ownerId (the primary teacher) is Suspended or has Google Classroom service turned OFF.

A teacher got a message that their account is not set up for Teacher Review. How do I fix it?

First, check that your sync job used the correct email address for the teacher. You need to use the primary address, not an alias. And of course, check for typos. Next, be sure the teacher is in the Classroom Teachers Group.

I'm getting the following error message; what should I do? 

Error encountered >> Messaging: We are unable to register the default service worker. [...]

Add the following URLs to your allow list on your firewall and content filter.



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