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January 18, 2022: Focusing alias sync by class creation date
December 21, 2022: Guardian sync job automation enhancements
  • Two new automation settings have been added (step 6); Perform analysis and stage changes on a schedule and Perform full augmented sync on a schedule.
  • See the Setup guardian sync article.
December 19, 2021: Roster sync changes refresh in Little SIS Classroom
  • An improvement has been made to keep Little SIS Premium roster changes up to date in Little SIS Classroom. As sync jobs run and change rosters in Little SIS Premium, those changed rosters refresh in Little SIS Classroom.
  • See the Introduction to class and roster sync jobs article.
December 7, 2021: Manually refresh the user cache
  • The user cache can be manually refreshed from the Settings page and Getting Started stepper in Little SIS Premium. Both are accessible from Administration in the left navigation panel.
  • The cache also automatically refreshes when a new domain is added and saved.
  • See the Add user account domains and refresh the user cache article.
December 2, 2021, Withdraw guardian invitations and roster sync job automations
  • Withdraw Selected Invitations
    • In Guardian Explorer, the invitation status represents the status as of the last guardian sync. If you are withdrawing invitations from unaccepted accounts, the withdrawal will happen even if the invitation is accepted after the last sync. There is an exception. If the invitation has a status change and is accepted from a different email account than the original, the invitation is not removed.
    • See the Withdraw guardian invitations article.
  • Roster Sync Job, Automations
    • The Hold changes when the source file has not been updated field has been added to the Automation step when adding or updating a roster sync job. It is visible when the Schedule automated sync analysis and auto-approve and execute all changes that meet the specified hold conditions automation setting is selected. The option is selected by default and cannot be deselected. When there is an automated sync job, changes are held for manual approval when the source file has not been updated. An email notifies the designated admin of the hold.
    • See the Set up a sync job, step by step article, Selecting automation settings section.
  • See another change specific to Little SIS for Classroom.
November 15, 2021: Roster sync and Guardian sync pagination updates
  • The sync history for both Roster sync and Guardian sync has been updated to divide records into smaller chunks making the history easier to scan. Each page in Roster sync and Guardian sync histories now contains 20 rows.
  • See the View roster jobs sync history and the View guardian sync history articles.
November 5, 2021: Teacher review custom message and staged actions updates
  • Teacher Review custom welcome message setup notification
    • When a roster sync job is created with Teacher Review enabled or is edited to have Teacher Review enabled, a notification appears with the following locations. The notification lets you know that there is a sync job that is not using a custom welcome message. Meaning, the Teacher Review Welcome Message toggle is OFF. The notification disappears when the toggle changes to ON.
      • Left navigation pane > Teacher Review
      • Teacher Review > Edit Custom Teacher Review
    • See the Set up a sync job, step by step and Edit the Teacher Review Welcome Message articles.
  • Roster Sync job Commit Staged Action updates
    Add/Edit roster sync job > Update Preferences >Teacher Review/Class Links
    • The Commit # Staged Action Now confirmation now includes the following information:
      • If the Enable Teacher Review option is selected: XXX classes will be assigned in Teacher Review.
      • If the Provision classes option is selected: XXX classes will be created.
    • See the Review, approve and stage, and commit class changes article.
October 29, 2021: Roster Sync Job List Filter and Sort Updates

Little SIS Premium > Jobs > Roster Sync Jobs

  • Future Scheduled Automations has been added as a sort option. When selected, the jobs list sorts all fully automated and automated analysis roster sync jobs by their next scheduled automation.
    • Fully automated jobs will go off of the next sync date/time.
    • Automated analysis jobs will go off of the next scheduled analysis.
    • The sort will proceed to sort jobs in ascending date and time order.
    • All other remaining manual jobs will be sorted below those automated alphabetically A-Z.
  • The Last Run sort option has changed to Last Sync.
  • The Last Run Date filter option has changed to Last Sync Date.
  • See the Filter and sort the roster sync jobs list article.
October 26, 2021: Roster sync job card updates and Email Teacher from the Teacher Review dashlet
  • Roster Sync Job Card Updates
    Little SIS Premium > Jobs > Roster Sync Jobs
    • Icons representing roster sync job types have been added to the bottom left of job cards. Types include:
      • Fully automated baseline_schedule_black_24dp.png
      • Automated analysis account-clock-outline.png
      • Manually triggered baseline_handyman_black_24dp.png
      • Job with teacher review enabled human-male-board_copy.png
    • The last analysis date/time has been added to the job card. JobCardsWithIconsAndAnalysisDateHL.png
    • See the Glossary of terms and icons for Little SIS Premium article.
  • Email Teacher from the Teacher Review dashlet
    Little SIS Premium > Teacher Review ~ Teacher Review (last 24 hours)
September 23, 2021: Guardian Sync Job - Review & Action
  • A popup has been added to Guardian Explorer Staged actions to summarize staged actions before committing. Click Run # Staged Actions to display the summary popup.
  • See the Stage guardians and run guardian sync article.
September 21, 2021: Analyze guardians and guardian sync job update
  • Analyze Guardians
    • The progress bar has been replaced with a progress spinner, name of the current step, and Cancel at the top of the page.
  • Guardian Sync Job
    • A new option was added to Guardian Sync step 5 to constrain the scope of the job to students in the source data: REMOVE guardians in Classroom where the email address does not match the source data AND REMOVE ALL guardians for students not included in the source data.
    • See the Setup guardian sync article.
September 16, 2021: Withdraw guardian invitations
  • The Guardian Explorer now maintains rather than clears the selected guardians between filter changes. Guardians can be repeatedly filtered and while selecting all necessary guardians.
  • See the Withdraw guardian invitations article.

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