Customize the Apps Launcher

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The apps launcher, or grid of nine small boxes, is located at the top right of your browser. As an admin, you can customize the apps in the app launcher so teachers and students can quickly get to those apps. 


Let's take a look at how to add apps to and reorder apps in the app launcher.

Add an App to the App Launcher

  1. Login to Backpack.
  2. Click the Settings card.
  3. On the Apps Waffle Settings card, click Manage Apps.
  4. Click Add AddSkill.png in the bottom right corner. A new app card appears.
  5. Complete the following fields on the card.
    Field Description

    Numerical value automatically assigned with the app card creation. The Apps list is in ascending numerical order by their index. Change the number to change the order of the cards.

    Note: Zero (0) can be used for the index.


    Enter a descriptive title for the home card.

    Icon URL

    The URL for the icon to appear in the app launcher. Icons must be publicly visible files.

    Target URL

    Enter the URL this card points to or where go when clicking this card.

  6. Click HomeCardSaveApply.png (Save and apply changes). You'll see the app card in the list of added apps.

Reorder Apps in the App Launcher

You can reorder the apps in the apps launcher to place them in any order you wish.

    1. From Backpack.
    2. Click the Settings card to open General Settings.
    3. On the Apps Waffle Settings card, click Manage Apps.
    4. Click Edit EditPencil.png on an app card to edit it.
    5. Change the Index. Apps appear in the list in ascending numerical order by their index.

      Note: Index is not unique. You can assign a number more than once which groups like index together. To specify the exact order, do not duplicate the index.

    6. Click HomeCardSaveApply.png (Save and apply changes).


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