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Home cards settings card is where you can view the home cards your users will see when they sign into Backback. The following are default cards with assigned roles:

  • Artifacts: Visible to the student role
  • Rosters: Visible to the teacher role
  • Settings: Visible to the admin role
  • Showcases: Visible to the student role

Additional cards can be created, for instance, if you want to link to an external dashboard. When creating a card, you can restrict who can view it by assigning one or more roles.

Let's take a look at how to add Home cards to and reorder apps in the app launcher.

Adding a Home Card

  1. Login to Backpack.
  2. Click the Settings card.
  3. On the Home Cards Settings card, click Manage Cards.
  4. Click AddSkill.png in the bottom right corner. A new home card is created. 
  5. Complete the following fields on the card.
    Field Description

    The index number is automatically assigned when the home card is created. Home cards are listed in ascending numerical order by their index. Change the number to change the order of the cards.

    Note: Zero (0) can be used for the index.


    Enter a descriptive title for the home card. This text appears in a large bold font on the card.

    Image URL

    The image entered here will appear at the top of the home card. Images must be publicly visible files.

    • Enter the URL for the image. 
    Image background

    The color selected here is the background color of the home card.

    1. Click in the Image background color field to open the color picker.
    2. Click on a color to select it.
    3. Click off the picker to close it.

    Enter a few words to describe the card and what it is used for. This text appears below the Title on the card.

    Target URL

    Enter the URL this card points to. This is where users will go when this card is clicked.

    Assigned Roles

    The Assigned roles determine which user roles this home card will appear for.

    • In the Assigned Roles list, check the checkbox for each role the home card will be included. If none are selected, the home card will not be available for use.
  6. Click HomeCardSaveApply.png (Save and apply changes). 

Note: New home cards will not appear immediately as the front end is cached. A user must log out and back in to view the new cards.

Reorder Home Cards

You can reorder the Home cards to place them in any order you wish.

  1. From Backpack.
  2. Click the Settings.
  3. On the Home Cards Settings card, click Manage Cards.
  4. Click EditPencil.png on a Home card to edit it.
  5. Change the Index. Home cards are listed in ascending numerical order by their index.

    Note: Index is not unique. You can assign a number more than once which groups like index together. To specify the exact order, do not duplicate the index.

  6. Click HomeCardSaveApply.png (Save and apply changes).

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