Student Artifacts, Showcases, and Presentations

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In Backpack, students add artifacts, create showcases, and collaborate with teachers on showcases. First, students add pieces of work as artifacts and associate them with skills. Students then create a showcase to exhibit a collection of their artifacts.

At login, students see the following cards:



Presentations, if a student has created any

Custom, if created for the student role


Artifacts Card

The  Artifacts section looks different the first time students log in because it is blank. Once students add artifacts, the artifacts appear. From the Home page, click the Artifacts card.

  • First-time login:StudentArtifacts2.png
  • With added artifacts:StudentArtifacts3.png

From the Artifacts, students can:

  • Add artifacts 
  • View artifacts by academic year
  • View artifact history 
  • and perform the following from the 3 dot (ellipsis) menu:
    • Rename artifacts
    • Edit artifact tags
    • Remove artifacts
    • Refresh document data

Showcases Card

As students create showcases, they appear in the Showcases section as cards. From the Home page, click the Showcases card or click the Showcases tab while viewing artifacts.

From the Showcases, students can:

  • View existing Showcases
  • Create new showcases
  • Search for Showcases
  • Open a Showcase by clicking on its card


Working With a Showcase

Clicking a Showcase card opens the Showcase.


Within a showcase, students can:

  • Add artifacts to the Showcase
  • Add a reflection to artifacts
  • Remove existing Showcases by clicking the 3 dot (ellipsis) on its card
  • and perform the following from the open Showcase
    • Mark the Showcase as defense ready
    • Trash/remove the showcase
    • Change the Showcase description
    • Add a presentation to the Showcase
    • Request teacher feedback, communicate with teachers using feedback and mark feedback as resolved
    • Add/remove artifacts to/from skills within the Showcase
      Screenshot_2021-11-15_11.56.44_AM.png StudentArtifacts10.png
    • View artifact history 

Presentation Card

Depending on the course or general requirement, teachers can review student showcases or students can create a presentation to share their showcase. When students add a presentation to a showcase, they create a presentation in Google Drive. Students then use the presentation as their guide for the showcase. The students present from this view via live video or over a video call.

Custom Card

A custom card is any card other than the standard Artifacts, Showcases, and Presentation card. These cards lead to a specified URL.

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