Teacher Roster, Student Artifacts, Showcases, Feedback, and Presentations

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Teachers are those who have been invited to the Backpack teacher group created during setup. In Backpack, teachers manage rosters, view student artifacts, and collaborate with students on showcases. If a student needs help, teachers can also associate artifacts to a skill for students.

When a teacher logs in, their view is different than the Admin and Student views. Teachers see the following cards:


Showcase Feedback Requests, if a student has requested feedback

Custom, if created for the teacher role


Rosters Card

Teachers use the Rosters card to create custom or Google Classroom linked groups of students. Click the Roster card to open the Roster.


From Rosters, teachers can:

  • Create a new roster by importing from Google Classroom or by manually creating rosters
  • View a roster
  • Perform the following from the 3 dot (ellipsis) menu:
    • Sync an existing roster
    • Archive an existing roster
  • Open a Google Classroom stream
  • Perform the following an opened roster:
    • Sync the roster with Google Classroom
    • Add Students to the roster
    • Sort the roster by last name or first name
    • Perform the following actions on students individually or in bulk
      • Remove
      • Refresh student file counts
    • Filter student artifacts by academic year
    • Filter student artifacts by skill
    • View student Artifacts and Showcases
    • Perform the following while viewing Artifacts and Showcases
      • Switch between student artifacts and showcasesFilterSkill2.png
      • Add student artifacts

Showcase Feedback Requests Card

While working in Showcases students can request feedback from their teachers. Teachers can access those requests for feedback by clicking either the feedback notifications bell FeedbackIcon.png or the Showcase Feedback Requests Home card.


The feedback requests page works much like an inbox. From here teachers can.

  • Access pending student feedback requests
  • Provide feedback in the form of comments on the work
  • Resolve feedback
  • Re-open resolved feedback
  • Add reply text to the student


Custom Card

A custom card is any card other than the standard Artifacts, Showcases, and Presentation card. These cards lead to a specified URL.

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